Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Seton Super League darts night - 2

The second of the quarter-final evenings was a marathon five-match night, with two quarter-finals and a semi.

Despite the nasty weather there was a good turn out, and a clear five hours of drinking.

Iwan versus Rob

Iwan was underdog, but pulled off a big upset with some superb darts.

Northy, after nearly having a mishap with the camera by almost filming three minutes of his face, thanks to having the camera the wrong way round, then missed off Rob's entrance where the club skipper was compared to Mahmood Ahmedinadjad and Brains from Thunderbirds.

Northy versus Boyner

A pretty poor match, enlivened by the tension of a 100+ dart leg.

Goz versus Stu

An epic between Achilles and Paris. Two heroes battling it out to the last. Luckily Stu didn't drag Goz's dead body to the gates of Troy. He shook his hand instead.

Allum versus Lindo
Lindo was clinical. Allum had no asnwer. Lindo licked him.

Bowman versus Stairhands
A cocksure Bowman got the shock of his life when steplimbs gave him a beating.

Boynsy versus Northy long leg

Sadly not a cricket placement but Boyner and Northy's marathon 100+ dart leg.

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