Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sefton Super League - The Final (with videos)

A tale of two whitewashes, with the fancied Boyner and the unfancied Iwan LP Williams on the receiving ends of 5-0 and 8- thrashings from Belly Boyo Bellis and Stu Killer Ken Lomas.

Write-ups are to follow, so for now here are the vids.

Boyner versus Belly - Plate Final

Iwan versus Stu - The Final

The presentation...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Darts finals

Two whitewashes. Who'd've thunk it?

>More images here.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sefton Super League: The Final - with Stu Lomas

Ladies and Gentlemen!

6 months and a day since the inaugural season of the !Sefton Super League! was kicked off with a crushing win for Chris Wylie, the end is now well and truly in sight with just two games remaining. But what a pair of matches!

First up, from 7.45 comes the final of The Sefton Plate between two players who faded in the second half of the regular season but seem to have rediscovered their darting mojos right on cue.

Chris “Boyo” Bellis has already blown away the second and third favourites for the crown, Robin Surtees and John Garnett respectively, and faces up to former housemate and the plate’s number one seed Mark “Der Kaiser” Boyns who is still smarting from his 3-1 reverse in the regular season and will be looking for revenge.

But this is a completely different kettle of fish. This is a final: the lights, the crowd, the trophy, the glory. Who will come out on top over 9 legs? Even the bookmaker thinks it too close to call (almost).

• Form: Boyns WWDLDL, Bellis WWDLLL
• Boynsbet odds: Boyns 4/6, Bellis Evs

Hot on the heels of one titanic struggle comes another, with the final for the Biggest Prize in Sport™ from 9.00pm. 20 darters set out on the long road for glory; after 421 legs these were trimmed to 8 for quarter-finals. Now only 2 remain.

“Top Cat” Iwan Williams only qualified for the last 8 in the penultimate game of the regular season but, always the man for the big occasion, has raised his game and already knocked out club captain Robbie Houghton, ranked third, and pre-season favourite Robin Lindo, who finished the season second, in a gripping semi-final. Can he go one step further and cause an upset which would dwarf all others.

He meets Stuart “Killer” Lomas whose near-perfect copybook’s only blot was an opening game draw and has reached the final with wins over Robin Brown and Simon Gozzard.

With Official Bookmaker Boynsbet pricing a Lomas victory at 1/6, dare anyone bet against him? There is one man who is certain to be; Iwan Williams has taken to the big stage like a nice guy turned nasty and will be gunning for the favourite over 15 legs.

Form:• Lomas: WWWWWW, Williams WWWLWD
Boynsbet odds:• Lomas 1/6, Williams 10/1

Attendance is naturally compulsory, and surely only a fool would miss this feast of oche action. Make sure you’re down early to sample the pre-match atmosphere and to ensure you have at least a chance of getting the best seats.

Venue: Sefton Park CC, Croxteth Drive L17 1AP. Doors 7.00pm. Toe-the-oche 7.45pm.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sefton Super League dart pictures

It's pretty hard to shoot pictures in the club with minimum light and no flash, so I cut a lot of stuff out. The ones that remain aren't perfect but I think there's a good mix of slightly arts pretensions and crowd shots.

• Week one pictures are here: Sefton Super League darts night 1

• Week two pictures are here: Sefton Super League darts night 2

Seton Super League darts night - 2

The second of the quarter-final evenings was a marathon five-match night, with two quarter-finals and a semi.

Despite the nasty weather there was a good turn out, and a clear five hours of drinking.

Iwan versus Rob

Iwan was underdog, but pulled off a big upset with some superb darts.

Northy, after nearly having a mishap with the camera by almost filming three minutes of his face, thanks to having the camera the wrong way round, then missed off Rob's entrance where the club skipper was compared to Mahmood Ahmedinadjad and Brains from Thunderbirds.

Northy versus Boyner

A pretty poor match, enlivened by the tension of a 100+ dart leg.

Goz versus Stu

An epic between Achilles and Paris. Two heroes battling it out to the last. Luckily Stu didn't drag Goz's dead body to the gates of Troy. He shook his hand instead.

Allum versus Lindo
Lindo was clinical. Allum had no asnwer. Lindo licked him.

Bowman versus Stairhands
A cocksure Bowman got the shock of his life when steplimbs gave him a beating.

Boynsy versus Northy long leg

Sadly not a cricket placement but Boyner and Northy's marathon 100+ dart leg.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Darts night entrances

The entrances from the first Sefton Super League quarter-final night.

Sadly Stu's disco ball blew a fuse on the night, but Bowser's energetic emceeing and some inspired entrance music choices made up for the lack of visuals.

Highlights were Wylo's Mr Boombastic, Goz's Bastard and RB's Blakes 7 theme tune.

There was sadness for JD and his followers, though, as his latin Pete Kelly-voiced rap didn't survive the transition from computer to club's PA.

A distraught JD never looked like winning after the initial disappointment.

JD versus Goz

The Mexican Prince versus The Bastard in Sefton Super League darts quarter final at Sefton Park Cricket Club.

Brownie versus Stu

Robin 'Geordie Express' Brown versus Stu 'Killer Ken' Lomas in the first Sefton Super League quarter final.

Belly versus Alf

Chris 'The Boyo' Bellis and John Alf Garnett contest the Sefton Super League plate

Wylo versus Surtees

Chris 'Wylo' Wylie and Robin The 'Pontefract Firebird' Surtees contest the second battle of the plate in Sefton Super League darts.