Monday, 28 June 2010

Solstice Cup - BBC Radio Merseyside interview

You can hear Robin Surtees, Jamie Bowman and Robin Brown interviewed by Jimmy McCracken on the Sefton Park Solstice Cup shortly after the game ended.

Click on the link if you don't know what the Solstice Cup is.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sefton Park CC plans dawn start to Solstice Cup match

On 21 June 2010, Sefton Park Cricket Club is attempting that rarest of cricketing beasts – a 4.43AM start to a game of cricket in the inaugural Solstice Cup.

Scheduled for the longest day of the summer, the game will start at the crack of dawn and consist of a Twenty20 game that should be over in time for every to turn, bleary-eyed, into work at 9AM.

The game will celebrate Sefton Park Cricket Club's 150th anniversary, and is one of a series of events designed to promote the south Liverpool oasis, which is situated within Sefton Park.

Anyone interested in attending or wanting more information should contact

Full press release follows.

Liverpool cricketers set alarm clocks for dawn start

Cricketers at Sefton Park Cricket Club are preparing to celebrate the club's 150th anniversary, and the Summer Solstice in style - with a 20/20 cricket match played at the crack of dawn.

The two teams, made up of cricketers from the club, will set their alarm clocks in time for a scheduled 4.43am start and will be donning gloves and pads in time for sunrise.

The match is scheduled to last for four hours, and Sefton - known locally as The Shack - expects a small, but hardy, group of supporters to be in attendance for the solstice game.

Solstice matches are not unheard, but Sefton Park CC believes this is the first example played in Liverpool, and a fitting celebration for the club's anniversary year.

“I’ve often been told I miss out on the best part of the day,” declared Robin Surtees who came up with the scheme.

“Well, what better way to test this theory than by using every shred of light on the solstice whilst playing cricket! The only downside is I have to go to work afterwards!”

The match dovetails with Sefton's efforts to promote the club as a place to play cricket and relax amid picturesque surroundings.

"What we're hoping to do with the Solstice Cup, and a raft of other events staged at Sefton this Summer, is to raise awareness of this great ground and its facilities," said Third Team Captain, Robin Brown.

"Playing cricket is certainly about playing to the best of our abilities, but above all it's about having fun, and public events like the Solstice Cup are certainly what cricket is all about for the club."

Cricket Chairman Stuart Lomas added “Sefton Park CC is now in its 150th year and has played on this ground since 1876 yet this game will be completed earlier in the day than any other played in its history will have started. 

"In spite of the unorthodox time we hope members of the club and the community will come down to Sefton to enjoy this curious match; one of the quirks which help to make cricket the great game it is.”

The Solstice Cup promises to be a unique event in Liverpool and is intended to be one of the highlights of Sefton's 150th anniversary celebrations.


Stuart Lomas - Club Cricket Chairman:

Robin Brown - Third Team Captain:

Jamie Bowman - Fifth Team Captain:

About the Solstice Cup

Sefton Park Cricket Club intends the 2010 Solstice Cup to the first of an annual event at the South Liverpool cricket club.

The game is scheduled to commence at 4.43am and will continue until around 8am. Refreshments will be provided to any brave spectators and media.

About Sefton Park Cricket Club

Founded in 1860, Sefton Park Cricket Club is one of South Liverpool's oldest and most historic clubs and a founder member of the Liverpool and District Competition.
Situated within Sefton Park, the club boasts two pitches, two pavilions and two bars - and is a popular destination for social events.

The club currently fields six teams every week, boasts a thriving junior section and is host to a number of teams without their own playing facilities.

Lancashire Cricket Club's Paul Horton is a Sefton member and the former club captain can still be seen playing the occasional game for Sefton's first team.

Other events planned in the club's 150th anniversary year include Summer Ball on 25 June, club barbecue on 9 July, a visit by the touring MCC side on 15 August and an end-of-season dinner with Derek Underwood on 24 September.

Address:  Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 1AP
Tel: 0151 733 5678
Directions - Click here for a link to MultiMap:


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Images of Sefton Park Cricket Club

I took some images of The Shack, as it's known locally, in its 150th anniversary year.

I'm obviously biased, but for me it's one of the most beautiful cricket ground I've ever played at, with only a couple of tower blocks looming above the trees to remind you you're not in the countryside.

Sure it's a bit battered around the edges, but some of the views are spectacular, with the hazy sun filtering through the row of trees that seaparates the two grounds at dusk something rather special.

I didn't capture it at its best on this occasion as there was a junior game on the bottom pitch, and bearded men with cameras are rarely welcome at cricket clubs.

ALso included in the set is some of the 3rd, 4th and 5th teams enjoying a net. If you look closely, you can see Paul Eastham having his off stump knocked back. Tsk