Tuesday, 30 March 2010

So, Michael, do you miss cricket?

Here's the best England Captain for a generation, Michael Vaughan, taking some time out of his busy schedule to paint a car using cricket and paint-covered cricket balls. He calls it 'artballing'.

While Alistair Cook was out in Bangladesh, boring the pants off everyone with his meat-and-two-veg skippering, Vaughan was busy indulging in a spot of art, no doubt followed by a Pimms then having sex with (edited by Quis Est Porcus libel lawyers).

Says Chevrolet:

Vaughan, 35, who led England to a historic Ashes victory in 2005, has been compared to artists Jackson Pollack and Damien Hirst due to the unique way he creates his art.  An original “artballing” painting can fetch as much as £20,000 at art auctions with celebrities including Lily Allen and Piers Morgan counting themselves as fans.
Says Vaughany:

“Creating art with cricket balls is completely different, modern and new.  It changes the rules of art because it’s instinctive and raw – covering a ball in paint and whacking or throwing it against canvas.  A few of the other players initially took the mickey, but they are now “artballing” fans – and have had a go themselves.” 

It took him eight hours, by which time Geoff Boycott would have racked up 47 runs.

• You can see a picture of Michael's artballing here

Monday, 15 March 2010

2010 Sefton darts quarter finals

Every winter Sefton park Cricket Club stages a darts tournament, with players and members alike competing in the premier Sefton Super League and supporting Sefton Plate divisions.

Drinking, personal abuse of friends and team-mates, inane nicknames and - occasionally - some great darts are the result.

Walk-ons from the quarter finals feature below, with an appearance from Paul Stairhands Stairmand as MC for the night.

Top Cat V The Mexican Prince

Scotty 2 Hotty V The Enigma

Dr Fun V The Jockie on the oche

Alum V Goz