Sunday, 1 March 2009

Darts night entrances

The entrances from the first Sefton Super League quarter-final night.

Sadly Stu's disco ball blew a fuse on the night, but Bowser's energetic emceeing and some inspired entrance music choices made up for the lack of visuals.

Highlights were Wylo's Mr Boombastic, Goz's Bastard and RB's Blakes 7 theme tune.

There was sadness for JD and his followers, though, as his latin Pete Kelly-voiced rap didn't survive the transition from computer to club's PA.

A distraught JD never looked like winning after the initial disappointment.

JD versus Goz

The Mexican Prince versus The Bastard in Sefton Super League darts quarter final at Sefton Park Cricket Club.

Brownie versus Stu

Robin 'Geordie Express' Brown versus Stu 'Killer Ken' Lomas in the first Sefton Super League quarter final.

Belly versus Alf

Chris 'The Boyo' Bellis and John Alf Garnett contest the Sefton Super League plate

Wylo versus Surtees

Chris 'Wylo' Wylie and Robin The 'Pontefract Firebird' Surtees contest the second battle of the plate in Sefton Super League darts.

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