Friday, 8 May 2009

First XI Cricketer Seen at Decent Gig Shocker!!!

OK, it was only Jeff Lewis; hardly cutting edge stuff but likewise you can't imagine him appearing on the Radio City playlist anytime soon.

However, to be sharing the Barfly with someone who’s actually quite good at cricket initially led me to doubt my own far from impeccable taste in music. Is James Cain the exception who proves the rule that the better you are at cricket (and most other sports it would appear) the less credible your music taste? Or is he just a wannabe third-teamer?

The club darts tournament walk-ons offered a good snapshot of the theory: first-teamers happily strolling out to Tom Jones and Shaggy, lesser cricketers milking the crowd with Nick Cave, PIL, Alice Cooper. Informal games of cricket amongst the chalet lines with the indie fops at All Tomorrow’s Parties have left me feeling somewhere approaching akin to Garry Sobers. Watching the Twenty20 Cup on Sky reveals a litany of aural travesties as players’ favourite songs. Unfortunately we know better than to think it’s all just a massive jape on their part.

From this you could conclude that they play ‘Proud’ by Heather Small or something equally banal in the first team dressing room before they take to the field. It's evidently the kind of inspirational stuff we middling-to-indifferent tryers are lacking.

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